Venues & Facilities

ECAASU 2010 will be happening right on Penn's campus, with venues and facilities all within a 3-5 minute walking radius, you can enjoy the history and design of Penn's architecture without missing a thing on the conference schedule! Here are some of the venues we have booked for ECAASU 2010:

Irvine Auditorium (for opening ceremony & featured speakers)

Irvine Auditorium is the location for many UPenn ceremonies, speaking engagements, movies, and concerts. The balcony houses the eleventh-largest pipe organ in the world, the Curtis Organ, which was built for the Sesquicentennial Exhibition in 1926, and donated to the University in 1928. Each Halloween, the silent movie, The Phantom of the Opera, is shown in Irvine, complete with organ accompaniment.

Houston Hall (for career fair, socials, farewell reception, etc.)

Houston Hall, the country's first student union, remains a central hub for students to this day. It houses a variety of food options, an information center, study lounges, and offices for student organizations.

Hall of Flags

The Hall of Flags can be reserved for events such as parties, movies, meetings, and even weddings. Since the furniture is movable, it can be rearranged in intimate groupings or stored away to create an open space for mingling or dancing. The room may also be sectioned off for smaller private gatherings or meals. At the venue, organizations can host registration, exhibits, central distribution centers with portable booths and dividers, and even concerts or performances with portable stage platforms and seating risers. Picture and sound quality is optimal for all presentations with the installed sound and projection systems and dimmable lights and room shades.

Bodek Lounge

Bodek Lounge offers a large, multi-purpose space where a multitude of events can be held. Lectures, banquets, receptions, and conferences can be comfortably housed in this elegant location.

Ben Franklin Room

Large enough for comfort but small enough that guests don't get lost in the space, this room is the ideal size for many events. Set on the second floor of the building, the Ben Franklin Room is out of the main high-traffic area yet easy to find. Just down and across the hall are the Golkin, Brachfield, Platt and Bishop White Rooms that can be reserved for breakout sessions or for additional meeting space.

Williams Hall (workshops)

Williams Hall is home to offices for several of UPenn's School of Arts and Sciences departments. The ground floor, linked to Claudia Cohen Hall, encompasses the Silfen Student Study Center, an attractive coffee bar, and two fully-wired conference rooms. It is ideal for conferences requiring ample breakout space offering over 45 classrooms. General classroom spaces in a variety of sizes, perfect for breakouts and classes, located within close proximity to plenary meeting spaces. At the center of UPenn's campus, Williams Hall also boasts conveniently located, intimate-scale conference rooms.