ECAASU 2010 Conference Theme

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Behind These Eyes: Impression . Introspection . Innovation

The focus of this theme is to encourage a deeper exploration of the origins behind the elements that compose the Asian American identity, both in a collective and an individual setting. The primary goals and components to the implementation of this theme are to engender the growth of a stronger Asian American community through education, awareness, and the provision of an open forum for the sharing of related ideas and experiences.

We approach this in three stages. First, we step back and analyze our impressions of Asian Americans today, starting with topics as basic as defining the term to more complex debates such as that of the model minority myth. Next, we take an introspective look into the makeup of the Asian American identity by breaking it down to its roots and elements. However, as with any sound study of history, we strive to not only discover what these origins were, but also to research the reasons and processes behind their evolution. Finally, we conclude with a speculation on future developments and innovative applications of our knowledge and strength as a community.

Too often do people walk through life without an understanding and appreciation for the profound history behind the relationships of this world. In this particular age, when pervasive globalization threatens to let us forget what makes us who we are, we find it all the more important to reexamine ourselves and the reality around us in order to rediscover the significance and beauty behind our eyes.