ECAASU 2010 Workshops

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Behind These Eyes: Impression . Introspection . Innovation

This year we are continuing the drive for stronger integration of the conference theme with the workshop programming. In particular, we are focusing our workshops around the three separate elements of our conference theme, with certain characteristics that will be consistent among all the workshops that fall under each theme element.

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Workshop Categories


We step back and analyze how APAs are portrayed today and what contemporary issues and current events are relevant to our community. Not only should we investigate the perspectives of others, but we must examine our own preconceptions. Impression workshops are highly interactive, encouraging us to reflect upon our personal experiences and to relate to each other and our community.


We break the community down to its roots, including defining what APA really means and understanding the story behind the movement. As with any sound study of history, we strive to not only discover what these origins are, but also appreciate the systems and processes behind their evolution. Introspection workshops empower us with the knowledge we need to represent, serve, and advance the community


We investigate where the APA movement is headed and how we are individually empowered to lead our community and achieve real progress. Innovation workshops focus on experience sharing and open discussion, with a particular emphasis on how we can engage ourselves on our campuses and participate in community-wide discourse.

Dance Workshops

Hip Hop with iNERT!A & Project D

South Asian Fusion with Masti & PennDhamaka

Leadership Workshops


ECAASU National

OCA National

Wharton China Business Society

Film Screening Workshops

Children of Invention

Man Push Cart

Village Called Versailles

Vincent Who?

White on Rice

Workshop Sessions & Descriptions

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